Gravel Agency is proud to announce the arrival of Magview, an innovative brand in the field of digiscoping. Created by two engineers passionate about hunting, Magview was born from a common frustration: cumbersome and impractical digiscoping adapters.**

In 2021, during a wilderness expedition, they envisioned a more efficient and elegant system. Drawing on their product design expertise, they developed a new attachment system using powerful rare-earth magnets. This system creates a stable platform, requiring only a thin stainless steel plate adhered to the phone to secure the device to the optic.

Magview's design allows the same adapter to be used for both spotting scopes and binoculars, offering an intuitive and multifunctional user experience. Magview captures crisp photos and videos without adding bulk to modern phones.

Proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, Magview is now available at Gravel Agency. Discover this innovation and enhance your digiscoping experience with Magview.

For more information on Magview, visit their website by clicking here