You can count on us to take care of your firearms

Our team of experienced gunsmiths is at your disposal

At Gravel Agency, we are able to cater to every need: the simplest inspections, complex repairs and meticulous cleaning are all possible. With us, your consumers will only need to remember one address for firearm maintenance and repair. Forget about breakages and manufacturer defects: we take care of everything, from the initial claim to the delivery of a virtually brand new firearm. We have a highly specialized workforce and workshop to accommodate all our requests.

4-man gunsmith team, 5-star service

Our 4 qualified gunsmiths work full-time to provide high-end maintenance and repair services to Canadians. Their experience paired with attention to details guarantee high-quality work and owner’s satisfaction!

We aim for perfection through dedication

A purposely-built workshop

In order to perform and excel in all given tasks, our gunsmiths show their skills in a specialised workshop which includes:

  • Individual workbenches
  • Specialised machinery
  • Blueing tanks
  • Paint room
  • Sandblasting room
  • Test-firing room
  • And even more!

With these installations catering to all the specific needs of gunsmithing, we are perfectly equipped to not only maintain and repair firearms but also perform various tasks such as:

  • Performance parts and accessories installation
  • Custom Finish
  • Optimising competition firearms
  • And much more!

Well beyond repair and maintenance


Rate and services


The vast expertise of our gunsmiths also give them the ability to assemble and customise firearms. Contact us for more information!

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