Whether you're a consumer or dealer, tell us how to customize your firearm

Create your exclusive configuration by upgrading your firearm!

Our four gunsmiths put their skills to work for the sport shooter. Our highly qualified team has all the right tools and equipment to exceed even the highest expectations.
Send us your requests and appreciate custom-grade quality.

A firearm made for you

We all know the feeling when a sport shooter handles a firearm made to his own exacting taste. The fit and feel is incomparable. We keep this in mind whenever we build one of our models, to deliver a truly unique firearm that will satisfy the customer, every time.   

Our gunsmiths continuously expand their knowledge by training, learning and mastering the tricks of the trade – even the most sophisticated ones – to modify and customise firearms. We are one of the few certified Cerakote® applications centres in Canada. Need to refinish your firearm? Call us now!

It might be a simple tweak or a complex modification: our clients call the shot and we make it happen.


The talent to bring ideas to life

Have fun and exceptional shooting results

Whether for hunting or precision shooting, sport shooters constantly look up for better efficiency. On one hand, our gunsmiths test out firearms at the range, and on the other they install quality aftermarket components to increase performance. These manipulations performed by skillful, experienced hands will ensure you hit the bullseye.

For a simple or multiple upgrades, contact our team. We listen to you and will make you reach your target.

Everything you need to reach the next target

The variety of our gunsmithing services is almost endless. Discover all the solutions we offer by visiting our online store now.



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