Arm yourself with powerful tools to reach your CUSTOMERS

Well-equipped, we are your best ally to hit that target

In addition to representing you to various Canadian distributors and retailers, Gravel Agency provides communication tools and a media presence: everything you need to stand out from your competitors. A little extra with a big impact!

Enjoy our versatility

Our mission: to showcase your product while respecting your priorities, budget and objectives. How do we succeed? By capitalizing on the talent of our team: cameramens, photographs and graphic designers cumulate over 10 years of experience! Tell us your needs and we will take care of everything.

To see your brand shine across Canada, contact us right away!

Broaden your horizons: here the possibilities are endless

Not only can we design new communication tools but we can also adapt your own to the realities of the Canadian market. We can even showcase your products on TV. Explore our wide range of services:

Website creation and customisation

  • Informational
  • E-commerce

Display your products in our online store: one more way to be seen by our distributors and dealers.


  • Newspapers
  • Specialised magazines
  • Television

Count on the expertise of our cameramen, our editors and our internal production team.

Canadian adaptation of advertisement campaigns

  • Web banners
  • TV announcement
  • Brochures

Your advertising will have the desired effect upon your Canadian customers.


  • Translation of all labels and relabelling of your products according to regulations

By complying with bilingual labels, you’ll be able to reach both French and English customers everywhere in Canada.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

  • Translation
  • Downloadable PDF files from our website

Send us your up-to-date safety data sheets, we will ensure that they meet the Canadian regulations.


  • Websites
  • Catalogues
  • Advertisement
  • Various documents

Expert in all the terminology and wording of the industry, we flawlessly translate all documents in Canada’s official languages (French and English).

Televisual production and media presence

  • Successful collaboration with various medias throughout Canada

This is a service that sets us miles ahead of other manufacturer’s agents: with Gravel Agency, you give your products exceptional visibility.

Social media presence

  • Publications on our Facebook page

Take advantage of our popularity by publishing your product information on our Facebook page: an opportunity to shine on social media.

Electronic mass mailing

  • News, promotions, rebates and much more
  • Weekly sending to thousands of dealers and consumers
  • Excellent visibility

Seize the opportunity to gain a high volume of sales quickly: feature your products in our mass mailings!

Product showcasein television shows

  • Broadcast on specialised channels in Canada and the United States
  • International outreach (Belgium, Luxemburg, Monaco, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, etc.)
  • Original French version translated in various languages

Our product placement is 100% strategic: let us showcase your brand and products!

With our communication tools and our media presence, your messages will reach your target crowd in no time. Let Gravel Agency be your Canadian representative!

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