safely store your merchandise in canada

Our fully secured warehouse is at your disposal!

We are proud to offer optimal storage conditions that meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards. With us, nothing is left at random. This is why your products are received, stored and expedited in perfect condition. Not only this will bring you peace of mind but it will also cut operating costs.

Our priority: preserving the integrity of your products

10,000 square feet of infallibility

Our expansive facility has more than 10,000 square feet of storage space that you can use for distribution, freight consolidation or for direct import.

Our storage capability is the solution! Let us know what you need

Modern facility

To safely store your products in perfect condition, we purposely-built a functional, state-of-the-art facility allowing us:

  • Real-time temperature and humidity control
  • Real-time, continuous video surveillance
  • Controlled access with electronic badges

Dedicated employees

Behind our excellent service you will find dedicated employees working hard to ensure proper storage of your goods. Frequents qualifications and recertification ensure that they are up-to-date to offer you the greatest in warehousing and logistics. With Gravel Agency, you get the best from every perspective.