An answer to your specific needs: we create unique firearm models!

Sell exclusive, refined firearms

You want to attract more customers, answer specific needs and stand out from your competitors? Our experienced gunsmith team can customise firearms for your needs. They can add your logo, refinish components with a colour of your choosing, and install specific accessories and so much more! Simply tell us what you need. You know what your customers want; we know how to make it happen!

Exclusive custom-built firearm

To sell exclusive custom-built firearms: determine what model you wish to customize, the modifications to be performed, and the number of units involved. It’s THAT easy!

Signature Series: truly unique and exceptional firearms configurations

Truly a masterpiece, our Signature Series is the result of collaboration between experts and professionals alike.
Ex-military, gunsmiths, competition shooters, hunters and others spent hours thinking, tweaking and perfecting truly unique and exceptional firearms configurations.  

Our team of experts assembled the Signature Series to fill a void in stores’ lineups. This audacious initiative allowed us to create variants that were only dreamed of until we built them.

The features you are looking for

Whether for hunting under specific weather conditions, a competition-ready rifle or a short-barreled shotgun, we have you covered. We customise firearms to suit your needs. Period. These innovations are but a fraction of the solutions that will have you say “Finally it’s here!”

A firearm tailored to specific needs makes all the difference. Give it a shot!


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