The Agency is proud to present these two new brands to you, which are added to our portfolio.



Challenger® is known to produce the most recognized cartridges in Canada since 1983. Date on which Elie Zarifé started to produce cartridges because shooters and hunters could not find cartridges at the right price on the market. The product line has evolved, new products have been added to the range. All this while preserving the key values of their success which are the foundations of the Challenger® brand: Innovation, ballistic performance associated with quality at the best price.

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HEVI-Shot® products make better memories for hunters by performing better in the field. They made the very first Heavier Than Lead® pellets. They also pioneered irregular pellet shapes, which boost lethality and reduce drag. They were the first to couple non-deforming pellets with buffer and nanoparticle lubricants to generate a tight patterns. It is no exaggeration to point out that HEVI-Shot® is a lead the industry in innovation, performance and value.

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