VG6 was founded in California in May of 2013 with a singular mission: crafting top-tier muzzle devices and accessories.

Since then, our mission has evolved into a relentless pursuit of excellence, driving us to create the finest muzzle devices in the industry.

We're driven by innovation and efficiency, transforming our passion into an obsession.

Countless nights have been spent refining our designs, rigorously testing, and scrutinizing every detail of our products.

This commitment to perfection isn't just our standard; it's yours too.

Our unwavering focus remains on delivering nothing short of the highest quality.

In 2015, VG6 Precision joined forces with Aero Precision, a renowned AR15 manufacturer. This strategic partnership is pivotal to our future success, enabling both VG6 Precision and Aero Precision to offer competitive pricing on an unparalleled range of muzzle devices and firearm components.

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