Nosler, founded in 1948 by John Amos Nosler, has transformed big game hunting with its revolutionary bullet designs. The company was born out of the necessity for improved bullets during a critical hunting expedition in 1946. Frustrated with traditional bullets, Nosler developed the Partition bullet, designed to expand at low impact velocities while maintaining integrity at high velocities.

Originally created for personal use, the Partition bullets gained commercial success, leading to the establishment of Nosler, Inc., located in Bend, Oregon. The company is renowned for its world-famous Partition and Ballistic Tip bullets, setting new standards in big game hunting. Nosler's commitment to "Quality First" is evident in its premium component bullets, brass, ammunition, and semi-custom rifles for both domestic and international customers.

Nosler's philosophy revolves around excellence, never sacrificing quality for cost. The company is dedicated to being true to itself, focusing on innovation, accuracy, and effectiveness in bullet and ammunition production. Their products embody a blend of ingenuity, integrity, passion, precision, consistency, and confidence.

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