Advanced Armament Corp.

Advanced Armament Corporation develops and manufactures ultra-durable, technologically superior silencers and accessories for civilian , military and law enforcement use. Our 51-tooth ratchet-mount fast-attach system has long been the industry standard for fast, effective and intuitive silencer mounting, while our 3-prong flash hiders are renowned for their muzzle flash reduction.

The 5.56mm, M4-2000 and 416-SD Silencers represent the gold standard for hard-use battle cans, and have been proven time and again by our military service men and women all across the globe. Our precision rifle silencers, including the Mk13-SD and TiTAN-QD, have been utilized by military designated marksmen for decades, in all kinds of theatres and combat zones. Whether for backyard plinking, hunting afield, target shooting at the local range, home protection or deployed in battle, AAC is the undisputed industry leader in innovation, and the silent authority on the science of sound reduction.

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